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16 September 2014

Girls in trouble

Peter Driben (1903 – 1975), an American pin-up artist, was perhaps one of the most productive pin-up artists of the 1940s and 1950s. Although both Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren have extensive catalogues of work, neither came close to the output of Driben. Driben's pinups delighted the American public from the beginning of World War II until the great baby boom of the 1950s.

Take it and like it

Illustrated by Reginald Heade (1902 - 1957). This issue was published in1952.

Mr. Fox’s Vengeance

Cover art for the magazine Hollywood Nights, issue Mr. Fox’s Vengeance (February 1937). Cover artist unknown.

Let's have fun

I was unable to identify the artist. It was found as cover art for a magine called Fantasia.

The Thrill Book

From a magazine called The Thrill Book. The Thrill Book was a short-lived pulp magazine published by Street & Smith in 1919. I could not detect the illustrator for this issue.

Original Issue

26 August 2014

Quinze Ans

Illustrated cover by Louis Malteste for the first edition of the spanking novel Quinze ans by Sadie Blackeyes (Pierre Dumarchey), published in 1913

La Comtesse au Fouet Belle et Terrible

Illustration from Pierre Dumarchay (1882-1970) for the book La Comtesse au Fouet Belle et Terrible, published in 1909.

Jean Macorlan is presumably an alias for 
Pierre Dumarchey, who was better known under the pseudonym Pierre Mac Orlan. It is also possible that this name was given to Pierre his brother: Jean Dumarchay 
Another alias he Pierre used was Sadie Blackeye. 

For Pierre Dumarchey I could find this: 
French author born on 26 February 1882 at Peronne (Sum), who died on 27 June 1970 in his home in Saint-Cyr-sur-Morin (Seine-et-Marne).
He only used his real name for some of his early works, he used several aliases such as: Sadie blackeye, Pierre du Bourdel, Pierre de Jusange, Sadinet, Claude de Saint-Hiebler, Le Chevalier X.

Manuel d’érotologie classique

Illustration for De Figuris Veneris,Manuel d’érotologie classique, published in 1906 and illustrated by Edouard Henri Avril (1843 – 1928)

Édouard-Henri Avril was a French painter and commercial artist. Under the pseudonym Paul Avril, he was an illustrator of erotic literature.

Avril studied art in various Paris salons. His reputation was soon established and he received many commissions to illustrate both major authors and the so-called "galante literature" of the day, a form of erotica. His major work was designs for De Figuris Veneris: A Manual of Classical Erotica by the German scholar Friedrich Karl Forberg.

Six caprices à l'eau-forte

Illustrated by Joseph Apoux, the book was published around 1880

Joseph Apoux was born in Paris circa 1860. Little is known of the life of this French artist. 
He was the creator of the erotic " Alphabet Pornographique ". A fantastic group of striking images, which is typical of the "fin de siecle" obsessions with sex, death & the bizarre of the French Aesthetic Arts at the end of the 19th century. Apoux participated in the * L'Exposition Internationale de Blanc et Noir * during 1886 in Paris.

04 August 2014

Don Brennus Aléra and Forced Chrossdressing

Don Brennus Aléra was a French author and is possibly identical to the author Bernard Valonnes as well as the artists Tack, Esbey and Selby - all of which are suspected to be pseudonyms of Roland Brévannes. 
Between 1903 and 1936 he wrote, illustrated and published about 100 erotic fetish novels in French, mostly of flagellation themes.

Most of his works after 1906 were published by Select Bibliothèque in Massy (Seine-et-Oise) from 1906 to 1908 and then in Sceaux (Seine). It is not unlikely that the author and artist who used so many pseudonyms might have also been the publisher.

One of Aléra's best known works is his 1921 novel Frédérique, an early work of erotic femdom and cross-dressing fiction in 15 chapters.